Sikama International

Sikama’s innovative line of SMT Reflow Soldering Ovens include both straight conduction systems and Sikama’s patented Conduction + Convection Ovens. Many of our systems are available with liquid cooling and optional software control for both data logging and remote operation, as well as an optional speed/time dwell mode.

Falcon 5C

The Sikama Falcon 5C is a full-featured Conduction+Convection desktop reflow oven which produces big results, and gives you exceptional value for your reflow dollar. Our patented design for balanced heating and cooling means low cost operations on production runs of substrates up to 5″ by 5.75″, and the 5C’s 400° C maximum heat will handle fluxless gold tin reflow, singulated ball reflow of BGA’s, fixtured double-sided boards, large microwave components, and various substrate materials. With conductive heating from below, convection heating from above, precise temperature control and atmospheric purity, you receive total control of your benchtop reflow oven.

Falcon 8500

Sikama’s 200mm reflow solder system is known as the Falcon 8500. Incorporating Sikama’s unique “thermal technology” based on conduction heating in combination with forced thermal convection, the 8500 has 1 load zone, 5 heat zones and 2 cooling zones. Each system includes automatic load and unload buffers with appropriate sensors providing SMEMA interface connection to link into automated production lines.

Ultra Profile 2000

SIKAMA’s seven-zone Ultra Profile 2000 features our patented Conduction+Convection technology, combined with a cooled loading platform, four Conduction+Convection heat zones, a top and bottom liquid-cooled zone, and a liquid-cooled offload platform. Inert gas (air, nitrogen, or forming gas) surrounds the components from the top and bottom, then exits at the sides to prevent contamination of adjoining zones and eliminating flux buildup. Precise temperature controls and independent set point controls for each stage provide excellent profile flexibility.

Falcon Flux Coater

  • Fully integrates to the Sikama Falcon 8500 and 1200 Reflow oven. Coating recipes and temperature profiles are controlled from a sing user friendly touch screen panel.
  • Process 4″ – 12″ Wafers with only one simple tool change required (none required when changing from 6″ – 12″ wafers).
  • Unlimited number of recipe steps.
  • Fully programmable dispense start, end, sweep and height.
  • Capable of dynamically dispensing four process fluids (2 standard – i.e. flux, bowl wash).
  • Servo drive spin chuck – programmable ramp, speed, and time (1 to 2000 RPM).
  • Fully servo driven controlled inline belt transport requires no adjustment, no robot teaching or sensor adjustments.
  • Diagnostics mode allows visual maintenance of all input, outputs, servomotors, and encoders.
  • Engineering mode allows direct and immediate process change in real time. Password protection allows multiple level operator use.
  • Built to SEMI, CE and SMEMA Standards.