Amada Miyachi America

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA INC is the market leader in developing, manufacturing and servicing products and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering. The company provides equipment to markets including, medical device, automotive, aerospace, defense and solar industries, battery, electric vehicle, electronics and general industrial markets.

Low Power Linear DC Micro Spot Welder – UB29 / UB29A

Micro spot welder for micro welding
  • Four control modes: current, voltage, power and V-A (voltage-current)
  • Single phase input
  • Compact size
  • Dual pulse schedules
  • Precisely controlled repeatable waveform
  • Very fast rise time

Pulsed Micro TIG Welder – MAWA-300A

Micro tig pulse arc welder

  • Weld dissimilar materials
  • Weld conductive metals
  • “Pulsation” feature significantly reduces porosity
  • “Touch start” feature controls and identifies weld location
  • Digital programming interface for easy control of pulse form
  • Multiple weld schedules

Fiber Laser Welding Workstation

  • 20-70 W pulsed fiber laser welders
  • High-power, high-speed lasers for welding metals, and plastics
  • Welding of dissimilar materials: Cu to Al, Al to SS, Cu to SS, and more!
  • Multiple integration options to match process needs Complies with IEC13849 – 1 category 3 PL,d safety circuitry with proper integration
  • Unit comes with integrated stage controllers for up to 4 axes of motion, used for applications such as step and repeat welding, focal plane height adjust and rotary welding

Sigma Femtosecond Laser Stent & Tube Cutting System

  • Exceptional edge quality with no burrs
  • Cut 0.5mm thick nitinol
  • Minimal post processing
  • Cuts PLA, PLLA polymers
  • In line beam monitoring options