Finetech is the leading equipment manufacturer for sub-micron die bonding and advanced SMD rework.
We provide solutions for each stage of your journey – from R&D to industrial automated production.

FINEPLACER® coreplus

Hot Air SMD Rework Station

The complete rework cycle, including desoldering and soldering the component, residual solder removal and reballing, can be performed on the same compact rework system. The spectrum of compatible surface-mount devices ranges from very small (01005) to large components (BGA).

The full-area Bottom Heating Module has been optimized for reworking medium sized PCB of consumer electronics (tablets, laptops, gaming consoles) or medical technology products (i.e. MRT devices).

A pre-installed profile library and an intuitive visual user experience enables new operators to pick up work immediately. Numerous professional features, such as digital top heater calibration, precision touchdown force control and live process observation, make the FINEPLACER® coreplus a future-proof investment when the demands get tougher.


Hot Air SMD Rework Station

The system is a bestseller for professional mobile device rework in high density environments. A high level of process modularity allows all rework process steps within one system. The FINEPLACER® pico rs system is at home in R&D, process development, prototyping and production environments.

Application area from 01005 up to large BGA on small to medium sized PCBs, with the goal to have highly reproducible soldering results.


5300 W Camera-Supported Rework station

The heating area of 450 x 420 mm2 is adjustable to PCB size. Automated SMD placement process by Auto Vision Placer (AVP) incl. EASYSOLDER 07 software package and DBL 06 control unit with six high resolution sensors inputs for thermocouples (Type K).

This system is particularly suitable for large size PCBs like PCs, Laptops and Server Boards with small up to very big components.


Manual rework of BGA, QFP and sockets.

The EXPERT 04.6 IXH Rework station provides the ideal support for manual rework tasks. Its compact design provides all functions necessary for the reworking process, from desoldering, placing and soldering in components as well as removing old solder. Aligning and placing components can be done reliably, and MARTIN’s tried-and-tested heating technology guarantees the optimal soldering results. The Rework stations are controlled by EASYSOLDER 07 software, through which a clear and structured overview is provided of all profiles and configurations within the repair process.An infrared under-heating system is integrated into the workstation to provide the ideal conditions for the respective areas of application. And the precise and efficient hot-air top heater complements the overall heating concept. Furthermore, the Auto-Profiler included within the software automatically aligns the top- and under-heating system to your desired process parameters.


2,000 W IR under-heating system

The high performing under heater in IR technology. This device is perfectly suitable for hand soldering tasks on mid-size and heavy PCB. The under-heating system can be usedsimply and comfortably in the various operating modes (consistent power, consistent temperature and profile) via the intuitive menu navigation. The innovative heating-management system ensures a reproducible circuit board temperature without overshooting at the highest long-term stability.

The Auto-Profiler feature determines required device settings (profile) automatically for the user. The exact desired circuit board temperature is attained by executing the profile learned automatically by the device. Working processes become safer and more efficient. The IR lamps, which are protected by a glass plate, are independently switchable. This makes cleaning of the hot area easy and simple. Furthermore, the under-heating system can control devices (e.g. for removal by suction) or configure them in such a way that they become activated by external devices (SPS or foot switches). The EASYBEAM software allows for the sorting, editing and writing of profiles via a USB connection.


Compact hybrid reflow oven

The MINIOVEN 05 is a compact and robust table-top device specially designed for reballing of BGAs and prebumping of QFN components. The device is used in development and production. The efficient hybrid heating technology heats up electronic components evenly from all sides and thereby guarantees reproducible reballing results. Up to 25 heating profiles can be set up, administered and saved through the intuitive menu navigation.An additional external temperature sensor is used to ensure the highest possible reliability as the device automatically adjusts the reballing profiles. Through the sensor, the optimal profile settings for achieving the specified component temperatures are determined through the sensor. The EASYBEAM software allows for the convenient editing of reballing profiles as well as for the temperature history to be depicted. Aside from the reballing process for BGA components, there are also images and provisions available for the prebumping of QFN components. The device possesses a connection for process gas. This allows the reflow processes to be easily converted to nitrogen-based atmospheres.