Alum-A-Lift Inc.

ALUM-A-LIFT INC is a forerunner in the design and construction of custom material handling ergonomic lifting devices. These highly engineered material handling ergonomic lifts, elevate, lower, move, position, rotate, translate and hold objects too heavy for the unaided human.

Roll Handling Lifts

Alum-a-Lift offers an incredibly wide range of roll handling lifts, roll inverters, roll manipulators, and roll handling carts and racks.

Our standard chassis offers proven lifting power and allows for heavier and dynamic side loads. Custom end-effectors provide precise manipulation designed specifically for the object you need to handle. Our compacts lifts can raise, move, and rotate rolls, core shafts, core plugs, dies, cutting heads, slitters, and more.

Every handling system undergoes rigorous factory testing and extensive QC inspections, ensuring your lift stand up to the demands of your process.

Vacuum Lifts

Floor space in a semiconductor clean room comes at a premium, often resulting in narrow aisleways. This Alum -a-Lift allows for the extraction of a Kawasaki robot into an aisle narrower than the robot track’s length. Easy one person operation eliminates risk of injury to personnel and equipment

Customized Lift Built for Your Needs

Each one of our durable, maneuverable lifts includes our dual-mast structure. The standard chassis allows for proven lifting power, off-center loading, and reliability throughout your process.

  • Dual-mast design capable of off-center loading
  • Efficient, failsafe ball screw drive
  • Detachable operator control pendants
  • Inherently clean construction
  • All-electric drivetrain
  • Ergonomic, light-weight structure
  • Compliant with industry & region-specific standards


Alum-a-Lift custom lifting equipment is available in full or partial stainless steel construction for any system meant to come in direct contact with drugs or other sanitary materials.

Alum-a-Lifts are suitable for rigorous cleaning practices, with constructions available for caustic cleaners and hose-down wash-down (up to IP65).

  • Electric powered drive wheels
  • Obstacle sensors
  • Quick-exchange battery system
  • Strobe lights
  • Compatible carts, racks, tugs, and tooling accessories