Closed Loop Technology, Inc.
 Manufacturing Equipment Solutions With a Personal Touch.

We help clients solve their manufacturing & production needs, by providing a plethora of solutions from top notch, reputable manufacturers. 

Listed below are our PRINCIPALS.

ALUM-A-LIFT INC is a forerunner in the design and construction of custom material handling ergonomic lifting devices. These highly engineered material handling ergonomic lifts, elevate, lower, move, position, rotate, translate  and hold objects too heavy for the unaided human.
ASYMTEK supplies automated fluid dispensing systems that are backed by a global support network. Recognized for its innovative equipment and excellent service, Asymtek continues to offer advanced applications in a range of industries.
AUSTIN AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY engineers and manufactures high performance cleaning systems. From general purpose to high reliability requirements, AAT systems are design-driven by the science of cleaning. Our systems include batch and inline; aqueous and solvent; spray in air and spray under immersion with ultrasonics. 
CRYSTAL MARK INC specializes in the field of micro-abrasive blasting technology. As a tool Micro-abrasive blasting has many uses in many applications. These include: electronics industry, aerospace, precision machining, medical manufacturing, semiconductor industry, glass engraving and fossil preparation.
ITASCA AUTOMATION SYSTEMS is pleased to offer you their full line of wire winding machines, fine wire air coil winding machines, Low Temperature Thermo-compression fine wire welding/bonding machines, automation machines, full service and preventative maintenance.
AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA INC  is the market leader in developing, manufacturing and servicing products and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing and hot bar reflow soldering. The company provides equipment to markets including, medical device, automotive, aerospace, defense and solar industries, battery, electric vehicle, electronics and general industrial markets.
SIKAMA INTERNATIONAL is highly regarded by our many customers as is evidenced by repeat ordering of standard reflow systems and the purchase of systems custom engineered to meet difficult production soldering requirements.