Closed Loop Technology, Inc.
 Manufacturing Equipment Solutions With a Personal Touch.

Closed Loop Technology, Inc. 

has more than 40+ years

of experience and

manufacturing "know-how." 

The depth of our experience, and the integrity with which we operate sets us apart from all the rest.  

Founded by Jim Bean and Robert Batchelder, Closed Loop Technology was formed to address the growing needs of micro-electronic and SMTA manufacturers, to make their plants and operations more efficient, with an emphasis on the medical, military, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial facilities.

Closed Loop Technology consolidates a number of review and selection processes for their clients, giving a "whole picture" review and designing a comprehensive and complete solution for each customer in parallel with their needs and requirements.  

With Closed Loop Technology's depth of knowledge, understanding of the current manufacturing climate, and cadre of principals it represents, positions it well to "CLOSE THE LOOP" for their clients.